Weekend reflection #55 blogging as well as Independent 3 Year Olds

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It’s time when once again to show on the past week. What were a few of the positive things that happened? What truly bothered you? Did you laugh? Gråta? Stå på ditt huvud? Whatever you did this past week I want to hear it. composing down all the crazy things that occurred over the past week is a great method to offer with stress. As our lives get busier as well as busier together with it is stress. It is time to let it all out so you can delight in your weekend. get the button code, make your blog publish as well as don’t fail to remember to leave your link with Mr. Linky!

My week went by rather rapidly however I was busy, busy, busy. now that I have my blogging notebook or what I phone call my “blogging bible” put together I am discovering myself much more organized with my company as well as keeping that comes much more assignments. I utilized to compose perhaps 1 or 2 articles a day however my e mail has been flooded with requests for reviews, giveaways, as well as other assignments. So now I am composing 3-4 articles a day. I didn’t want that to happen, however hey, if I am getting paid or getting something totally free then it is well worth it.

In my binder I put routine sheets which span a month. I have the days of the week together with lines to fill in assignments. I likewise have additional things that I do to promote my blog noted below the composing assignments. This makes things a great deal simpler for me since then if I get a request in my e mail I can compose it down on a date that isn’t filled up so I understand it will get done. This likewise assists me if I have a deadline I requirement to meet.

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I’ve likewise been discovering myself composing much more assignments for the weekend. yesterday I started working at 3 am like typical as well as did not surface up until 7pm. Of program I took breaks to feed the kids, modification diapers, take my oldest to school, etc. I had a great deal of articles to compose as well as it is almost the end of the month so I had a few additional stuff to do också. however I like my task as well as I am making new buddies as well as money so it is all well worth it. I am likewise getting better to my goal of moving out of this small house.

Moving is one more story all together. I had a counseling visit on Monday, like I typically do as well as we started speaking about my marriage. She understands that I am a extremely goal driven person as well as if I work difficult to reach my goals I am able to stay positive. since of the success of healthy mothers I have been able to stay positive for a while. however I am believing about months ahead. My hubby does not have a extremely great high paying job. That is why we online in this small lease totally free house. This home utilized to be Chris’ grandmother’s. however now she is in a house since she has Alzheimer’s. We have three bedrooms, a small bathroom, a small kitchen area as well as that is about it. I believe it is about 800-900 square feet.

This poses a big issue for me since I experience from stress and anxiety as well as claustrophobia. I continuously feel like I am trapped as well as in some cases I have to run into the backyard to escape. I am concerned about my claustrophobia getting worse when the new infant is born. however like my mom in legislation always says, it is a home. as well as she is right.

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But this does not avoid me from setting monetary goals. I am still homesick so I truly want to relocation back home. homes are a great deal less expensive out there, the expense of living is less costly as well as there are fewer crowds. I can’t stand crowds. If I am stuck in a crowd I have a panic attack.

So I sat down as well as figured out exactly how much money I would have to make weekly in purchase to support my household so we can relocation back to Wisconsin. I am slowly reaching that goal. ideally by this time around next year I’ll be able to pay for to move. When I discussed this with Chris he stated that he wished to have a task first. So now I have to discover him a task as well otherwise he is not coming with us. Did I blog about this already?

I assumption I am still stressed out about this whole thing. So, now I am repeating myself. anyway that’s what has been on my mind all week.

The youngsters are doing great. Conan went pee pee on the potty the other day! however many days he isn’t that interested. Ciara has been speaking about her cousins from back home. I don’t understand why. perhaps she misses them. Is all Courtney can talk about is her play that the 6th grade is putting on for the 1st graders. I assumption she is quite excited.

I have to tell you this bit story. The other day we went to the Vitamin shop as well as got Conan some probiotics. They were cherry flavored as well as had to be refrigerated. That night Ciara refused to go to bed. Chris stayed up with her up until about 10:30. after that he was as well exhausted as well as went to bed. I was already asleep. Ciara chose to assist herself to the contents in the fridge. She ate a half a stick of butter, tried to pour herself some iced tea, broke a few eggs (4), as well as ate the whole bottle of Conan’s probiotics. Needless to state she had a stomach ache that morning. thankfully the pills are risk-free as well as kids can’t overdose on them. however we had to get him some more.

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I believe I shared sufficient so now it is your turn! have a fantastic as well as risk-free Memorial Day Weekend!

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