I love me some project runway and I love the host, Tim Gunn. In fact, reflecting on this reminds me that I haven’t used his catch phrase, “Make it work!” nearly enough.

Although I am too lazy to select all of my outfits for a conference/vacation in advance, photograph them, publish them to the web, I do undoubtedly want to be considered for the contest tide is running. writing this post about what I will be wearing at BlogHer ’09 will qualify me to win a private style consultation with Tim Gunn. I would be peeing-in-my-pants ecstatic to get lucky on this one.

I have enjoyed enough Tim Gunn to know that he is a big fan of The Dress. I have recently embraced The dress myself as a terrific wardrobe solution. I have finally accepted that dresses are not just for weddings and I can wear them to work or to the movies. Du ser? Me and Tim, we were indicated to be.

So I plan to bring at least three dresses to BlogHer. They are all fine for day or night, as I have no plans to get incredibly sexy at night. I mean, this is a gigantic slumber party, after all, not a sorority party.

I will not lie. one of my dresses is from Target. I wore it for the first time to a memorial service. then it shrunk in the wash. Therefore, it is now a party dress, cause it’s pretty dang short. I wore it on a date with my spouse and I think he really appreciated the shortness. I think it looks better on me than in this picture, but I could be deceiving myself.

My other dress is this incredibly casual plaid number, and it’s from Anthropologie. It’s actually a tunic, a lot more than a dress; I wear it with leggings. I have good feelings about this dress because I was mistaken for being in my 20s when I wore it to a concert. Hells yeah.

And the current addition to my dress collection was acquired this week from Macy’s. It’s a wrap dress that’s not absolutely “me” but I think it’s flattering and was stunned that an economical wrap dress was appropriately created to not reveal my entire chest. I have not had luck with this style in the past, but this one came in a petite xs, so apparently that makes the difference for a short girl. (Although I gotten it this week, I cannot find a photo online!)

And finally, here’s a shot that Aimee took of me on day 2 of BlogHer last year. apparently I went with a tshirt, hoodie, and floral skirt combo. Please don’t tell Tim Gunn. I’ll chalk it up to geek chic.

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