My buddy as well as fellow blogger, Sabrina, is the first-time mom to a nearly-one-year old infant boy named Raffi. She composes Rhodey woman Tests about food, family, as well as fun. Her nickname RhodeyGirl started as a joke between RhodeyGirl as well as her hubby Trig, aka PhillyBoy. I caught up with Sabrina a few weeks ago.

How old is Raffi as well as what’s his most recent accomplishment?

Raffi is 10 months old as well as he is discovering so much these days. most just recently he discovered exactly how to indication for “more” as well as exactly how to open all of the kitchen area drawers as well as take out one product at a time. I’m still working on mentor him to put them back.

What’s your preferred trip with Raffi that’s not necessarily Raffi-centric?

I like going running or power walking early in the morning before Raffi is completely awake. He likes smiling at everybody we pass, as well as in the peaceful moments I like hearing him talk to himself. He has so much fun entertaining himself, as well as the fresh air is great for both of us.

What’s your most regular method to spend the last hours before Trig gets home?

I spend the last hour before Trig comes house wanting he was home. That’s the honest answer. Raffi is still not extremely happy in that hour before dinner so we try to do a fun activity. most days we will head to the pool for a bit or go to the playground. When I’m as well lazy to do that we have cruising races or play catch in the method only a 10 month old can.

What do you as well as Trig like to do with Raffi on the weekend?

This summertime has been my preferred in my entire life. We have spent almost every weekend on the beach or by the pool. Raffi likes eating sand as well as splashing himself, as well as I like feeling the warm sun on my face. Trig truly likes bring Raffi on his shoulders during every excursion.

Do you have any type of tips for moms of newborns in your neighborhood?

Gå en kurs! Nest Philly is near me, as well as they have a hatchlings class geared for new moms. If you can’t make it to a class, go out for great deals of walks as well as be friendly with other moms. When Raffi was a newborn I walked all the time just to make friends. I discovered about the very best playgrounds as well as made a few of my preferred mom buddies on those walks.

Have any type of professional moms taken you under their wings? What did they show you?

I am extremely thankful for the professional moms that have guided me. I discovered exactly how to let my hubby take over as well as go out for a glass of wine with the other moms without calling house 10 times. I still don’t understand exactly how they can let go as well as relax like that. I desire I could, however I still send a few texts for my comfort.

Give us a cooking tip. (anything goes, baby-related or not!)

Everyone understands it, however few people do it. laundry as well as cut your veggies the minute you get home. as well as meal plan! So many people grumble that they don’t understand what to produce dinner or they don’t eat a healthy diet. By meal planning as well as doing some prep work ahead of time you can have a healthy dinner on the table in no time.

Oh, as well as Cheerios make a completely acceptable cooking snack.

Thanks so much, Sabrina! comply with together with her at Rhodey woman Tests or on twitter at @RhodeyGirlTests.

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